What Can I Complain About Today?

September 16, 2006

Well, hello there!!!

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Some of you may be like, what, who is this person, where did she come from, why is this her first post???  I’ve been here – just busy.  We moved right before we went to China in July.  Since we returned with our precious cargo – things have been crazy, topsy turvy, with lots to do.  Lots of work on the house, getting my son going with school & new friends (I can’t tell you how much GUILT we have over moving!  It’s hard to do that to your child)  my husband traveling and of course, adjusting to being parents to TWO chldren now, not just one.

Hi all.  I am Betsy.  For those who don’t know me, I lived in TX and knew Kelley, Beth & Erin from a local FCC group there.  I met Shelli through Erin, as it turned out we both lived in the same subdivision.  Love you, Shelli!!!  And I met Jamie, Robyn and Valerie at the Mommies Who Lunch (which I REALLY miss).  You guys made me laugh so much!!  Robyn – I miss your spirit, Jamie – good luck, you career gal – (see I have been keeping up!) and Valerie – can’t get much sweeter than Valerie.  I loved your story about the annoying neighbor, by the way.  I had one in Frisco – but I got away without ever telling her we were adopting!!  Barley told her we were moving!! Tee, hee. 

 Melissa – though we have’t met – you sound a lot like me, temperament wise.

Anyway, June 12 I moved to the Seattle area and July 3 we left for China!!!  Trust me – you will all get there and it will be wonderful.  Our Ella is doing great.

So – I have some bitch’in to do.  Moving is a bitch by itself.  My neighbors are all pretty nice.  I don’t need to be best friends with my neighbors – but one of them has really been FLAKY.  I HATE flaky insincere people.  Fake is what they are.  So – my neighbor has two boys, one 8, one 11.  My Parker is 9.  We walked the boys to school together for the first three days.  Parker LOVED it.  They rode their scooters.  It was so fun.  He told me it was the highlight of his day (this on top of telling me he had no one to play with at recess one day and he was aving a hard time making friends, because it seemed like all the kids already know eachother).  I even told my neighbor this.  So – walking up to school and back takes a good 30-40 min (a big chunk of a busy Mommy’s day) but – Ella loved it and Parker loved it – that’s what was most important to me.  So, I say to her – why don’t we take turns walking the boys as long as the weather is nice enough to walk.  She says yeah – that’d be great.  FForward to this past Monday morning – Parker & I walk out and her two boys are flying past our house on their scooters, see Parker and keep going.  No Hi, nothing. She’s running after them, but slows down to say good morning.  When we get to the corner she says, well, gotta go and goes back home!!  Meanwhile Parker has not been able to catch up and has scootered his way back to me.  I was heartbroken for him.  H elooked like he was going to cry. We walked the rest of the week by ourselves.  Whatever. 

Wednesday – she emails me and asks if I want to join her Bible Study which is starting the next morning.  She says they even have child care.  I’m thinking, wow – that’s really nice, maybe I was too harsh & misjudged her.  She adds that she will be driving to school the next morning and would be happy to bring Parker.  So I say yes – I’d love to give the BS a try and I’m sure Parker would love riding to school with her boys.  I rearrange the appointment I had with a contractor coming to the house in the am – I see her after school and she says – Oh – it’s the introduction meeting, so they won’t have child care.  I’m not sure what to say.  Then she sees her son and takes off.  No – maybe next time, no, I’ll get the info for you and you can start coming when the childcare starts, no, nothing.  Haven’t taked to her since.    I met her in the road this afternoon and didn’t crack a smaile behind my big sunglasses.  My husband would tell me I’m too sensitive – so I don’t bother telling him these things.  I did tell him how they ditched Parker on the walking to school, though and he agreed that it was really rude.  Disappoint me – fine – but don’t mess with my son, who is sweeter than humanly possible.

I’m sure everyone has met people like this.  I just always tend to think it’s me at first.  I’m determined to smile BIG the next time she tries to talk to me and just blow her off some how.  I’ve decided her son isn’t  that nice either – and Parker doesn’t seem to care about playing with him at all.  Any ideas???  I would love to accept an invitation and then stand her up completely – but my common sense tells me to stoop to someone else’s level make you just as bad, so I won’t do that. 

I know it takes time to make new friends – but so far I’m not that impressed with the women I see right around me.  I may have to keep digging.  I’m in no hurry and hae lots to do, plus old friends to reconnect with.  I’m stereotyping here, so forgive me if any of you play tennis – but a lot of these moms in my neighborhood are what I call the “tennis mom” types.  They all meet up to play tennis in their little leagues and they run around in their tennis outfits all the time.   I don’t know, it just bugs me.  Probably because I’m so bad at tennis. What added fuel to the fire is, on Thurdsay, at school pick up time, this other neighbor of mine, who seemed a tad snobby the first time I met her, came up and said she had met an old friend of mine – my friend Angie (from when we lived here before) at her tennis lesson that morning. The whole time I was thinking (and I know it sounds ridiculous) – oh, so NOW you want to talk to me.    People are weird.  I just don’t like all the pretense.  Just be yourself.  Be sincere.  Be generous.  That’s all there is to it.  My bad week is so trivial when you think of the big perspective – so it’s silly – but it’s still rude. I don’t have room in my life for rude people, I’ve decided. 

This on top of my mom saying, “We’re not going to come to the west coast.  We’re being wishy washy I guess”.  Whatever mom.  My mom didn’t meet Parker until he was 5 months old.  Who knows when she’ll meet Ella.  She says we should all fly out to NC.  I’m in no hurry.

Tough week- and there is more I’m not bitch’in about, cuz I would bore you to tears.  Thanks for letting me vent.

Oh – and Robyn – I am sorry about your losing your friend Kristi.  A friend once told me – friends can sometimes be seasonal.  When your life moves into a new season, sometimes friends just don’t go with you.  It’s hard to accept – I have a REALLY hard time with this.  I agree with everyone else, it sounds like this was her way of protecting herself. Our move from TX taught me some hard lessons about friends – which ones are really real.


July 31, 2006


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An update on my MIL and Zeke’s plight.  This will be short and sweet but I wanted to let you know what is going on.  Bob talked to her tonight which is the first time since the incident on the 4th.  We are going to visit them in Canton this coming up weekend because it is her birthday.  Happy happy joy joy.  I am so dreading that visit.  Please pray for my sanity!  Anyway, she said, “Please tell Erin that Zeke is still alive and actually doing much better.”  Are you freaking kidding me?  You did what you did and then didn’t even follow through with it?  That woman only did what she did to cause problems.  Ugh!!!!!!  Anyway, we decided tonight that we would be having a talk with her this weekend.  Now, won’t that be fun?


July 11, 2006

Allow me to introduce myself

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Hi Everyone,

That was a great intro Melissa, I am happy to “e-meet” you. 

 My name is Valerie aka Valerious on here. My husband, Gary, and I have been married almost 14 years and transplanted to Texas in 1997 from California.  I have wanted to adopt our entire married life…usually around New Years I would get very introspective and feel that something was missing…every-time I brought it up there was no interest on Gary’s part. I would research foster care, adoption sites domestic and international send away for information, but year after year Gary wasn’t ready.

 Cut to 2003 when we moved to our new home in Frisco and I have a neighbor who was seemingly cloned from Mrs. Kravitz of Bewitched fame.  The broad is nuts, calling me 10 times a day in everybody’s business and just plain overkill.   One day I mistakenly mentioned in passing that I had dreams of adopting she made it her mission to ride me like Sea Biscuit on a daily basis, reminding me I wasn’t getting any younger, what are you waiting for etc.  I was desperate  to  silence her legally or otherwise so one night at dinner out I laid it out to Gary that this cukoo was right…what the heck are we waiting for? We are getting old and all we know how to do is indulge ourselves.  Suddenly, Gary was completely receptive to the idea. God puts people in your life for a reason, and even though I was praying nightly for her husband to get transferred out of state, she was the one I credit for lighting a fire under me to get motivated to get this thing off the ground. Since that time, she has mellowed out and is actually a better friend and neighbor.

 We are what you call seasoned humans, I am about to turn 42 on July 15 and Gary will be 55 on July 31.  None of our siblings or core friends have any children so we are completely in uncharted territory. I am scared but also very excited, because I believe being a parent will complete me and give me a purpose I have not experienced heretofore. We haven’t received a lot of support from family or friends, I think because they believe we are too old and don’t know what we are getting ourselves into. 

I am astounded at the terrific people I have met thru adoption; particularly the wonderful women on this site Kelley, Erin, Shelli, Robyn and Jamie part of the original lunch bunch. each and everyone of them is a person of such quality and sincerity and a pillar of support. Thru them I have met their other adoption friends and it is like a wonderful warm extended family.  As bumpy and tedious as this ride has been it is so reassuring to know that they offer a soft place to land.

 I look forward to getting to know each of you and share this life changing journey together.

We are with GWCA and our LID is 1/4/06 for Aubriana Rose 

 Our webpage is http://spaces.msn.com/2china4love

To Everyone

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First, to Melissa – Even though I know you know this, you know me (duh!) and Kelley, even though you may not know it.  She is my best friend and reads your blog all the time.   

Everyone – Even if she mentioned she knows you, I think it would be fun for everyone to do this.  Even though I know every single one of you (and some of you know me in ways none of the others do – KEB :-)), I would still love to hear your stories again.  I will do the same in a few days.  Thanks Melissa for starting this!  Great idea!

Great week everyone!  And to the MWL, see you next Friday!

Okay, I’m going to start this, and ask that you all do also…please…

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Someone wrote they weren’t sure who everyone was, and I am in that same situation. Except I really don’t know who anyone is since I don’t live in Texas.

I know Lisa L. of course, she is my “China adoption soul mate” We both are using GWCA, have a LID of 3/8/06, and are naming our girls Ava.

I know Erin and Shelli (even though I have never met them – LOVE them!!!)

But I don’t know anyone else. I follow some of your blogs but it’s hard to match them up to you all on this blog. So to make it easier, can you all write a post saying who you are, a little about yourself, and if you have a blog? Pretty please??!!

I’m Melissa. My username is Jeter. I was born and raised in New York, and moved to Georgia when my oldest daughter Ashley was 3 months old. She is 11 now. I had a pretty bad breakup from her father when she was only 4 months old (long story) and found myself a single mother to her. I was a bank teller and had a cute two bedroom town house. It was just Ashley and I until she was 2, and those were some of the greatest times of my life. I’m pretty darn proud of the good life a built for her and I with no help from anyone.

Well, love usually comes knocking when you least expect it. I was happily content with my single life. I dated, but NEVER more then once or twice with the same man, and NO MAN EVER got to meet Ashley. I was keeping the door to my heart shut TIGHT and even tighter when it came to my daughter and any man meeting her. Then Darren came around. He would come into the bank I worked at every Friday, and would wait in line, and only come up to my window. I didn’t notice at first. Then after around two months, I noticed this man would not let any other teller wait on him but me. We always just exchanged the usual chit-chat. How’s your day going? You want all 20’s? And then one day he asked me “do you drive a black Probe?” which I did at the time, and he said he had seen me out and about and waved to me but I didn’t wave back. And he started asking me about my accent, and my daughter, (I had pictures of her up) and that began our conversations every Friday. He would flirt, but never ask me out.  So finally I slipped him my number. When he called that night, he told me he had been dieing to ask me out but assumed I had a husband or boyfriend. We began dating, and he was the one and only man I introduced to Ashley after about a month.

We married a year later, and soon after we had our twins Jacob and Justin who just turned 7. We will be married 8 years this November. Darren also has a 19 year old son Josh and 16 year old daughter, Morgan,  from his first marriage. They live in N.C. with their mother. We go to N.C. at least once a month to visit, and the kids will also drive down to Ga. to visit us. Darren is raising Ashley as his own, and she calls him daddy. He has tried over and over again to adopt her, but her birth father will not allow it. (same man who does not see her or pay any childsupport) We have a pug named Jeter (my screen name) and German Shepherd named Zeus who I spoil WAY to much.

Darren started his own cable construction business about 6 years ago, and it has grown tremendously since then into a very successful multi-state company. We have been very blessed and I became a stay-at-home-mother around 5 years ago. I volunteer at my children’s school around 3 days a week. Darren is home from the office a least 3 days a week and we spend those days going out to lunch, seeing movies – just enjoying “date” time that we couldn’t have when he was getting the business up and running. (I felt like a single mother again during those times)

Last summer I began talking about wanting another child. Darren got on board around October and we began the paperchase. We are using GWCA, and became DTC 2/10 and LID 3/8. I am terribly impatient, incredibly obsessive, and a BIG control freak. I’m a  little crazy at times, I have a terrible temper when pushed, don’t know when to shut up, find it hard to hide my feeling if I don’t like you, will do anything for you if I do like you. I love HARD and am extremely protective of my loved ones. My family is the most important thing in my life, and would die in an instant for each and every one of them. It doesn’t make me feel any less of a women to say my children are my life.

My blog is http://awaitingava.blogspot.com and if you have read it, you already know I’m a little crazy. Truth be known, I use my humor as a shield, and I just REALLY want my daughter, Ava, and am having a hell of a time with this wait. But my goodness…I have met some INCREDIBLE women during this journey, and for that I am very blessed!

Hope that wasn’t too boring, but I would love to know a little something about the women I am bitching with!!

Till then, Melissa (jeter)

July 5, 2006


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OK, ladies, you know I created this BB because I knew I would need to complain from time to time, mainly about the one person that infruriates me more than any other person in my life – my mother-in-law (MIL).  Usually when we see her, she does little things that bug me but I can usually get around them.  Well tonight, she outdid herself.  For those of you that know me, you know that I have a very stressful relationship with my MIL.  Bob is an only child so we have no one else to deflect the attention that she pours on him.  Several years ago, they moved about 2 hours away and since then, she just expects us to come to her for visits.  You all know how hard that is with a child, not to mention that we also take our dog with us.  Anyway, I could take all day telling you all everything that she has done but trust me – she is a piece of work and probably the most negative person I have ever met.  She can’t ever see us without saying something shitty or negative and she constantly tries to piss me off.  And to make matters worse, she still thinks she knows Bob and Mollianne better than I do.  Are you freaking kidding me?

Anyway, about tonight.  We went to Mansfield for a birthday party for Bob’s cousin, Britt’s, son’s birthday.  Ashton is less than two months younger than Mollianne and we haven’t seen him in over 2 years.  I was so excited about going because I love this side of Bob’s family.  His Aunt Sheryl is a trip and the sweetest and funniest woman in his family.  Everyone else is so sweet and they all just adore Mollianne.  Some of them we haven’t seen in a year and some we haven’t seen in 2 years.  I knew that we would be surrounded by family members so I wouldn’t have to spend any real time alone with my MIL.  That way, things wouldn’t get tense between us and everything would be fine, right?  WRONG! 

First, I made the comment that Ashton, the birthday boy, was taller than Mollianne.  She then argues with me for 5 minutes that he isn’t and keeps trying to get these two 3-year-olds to stand still next to each other so she can prove me wrong.  What, are we in 3rd grade here?  She finally notices that yes, Ashton is indeed taller than Mollianne, by at least an inch, but does she admit she is wrong or even say anything?  Hell, no. 

Second, Mollianne kept demanding that I give her something.  Finally, I said, “Mollianne, I will give that to you when you ask for it nicely.  I’m not your slave after all.”  From across the kitchen, my MIL says, “Did I hear you right, Erin?  You aren’t her slave?  Hmmm.”  Her tone was very accusing, as always.  I know what she was implying – she doesn’t think I’m a good mother.  Well, screw her.

Next, and here’s the kicker, we are sitting talking.  It’s me, Bob, my MIL, my FIL and Mollianne.  We are talking about something really benign when all of a sudden, she says, “Well, Zeke has worn out his welcome at our house.”  Zeke is Bob’s cat that lives with them and has since 1999.  We absolutely love Zeke.  I don’t like cats, but he is cool and we have offered many times to bring him home with us (which she never agrees to – she would just rather complain about him all the time).  I said, “We keep saying that we will take him.  Why don’t you let us take him home with us?”  She said, “Um, I don’t think so.  Anyway, do you want him to pee on your counter?”  I said, “Well, maybe a change of scenery will help him with that.”  She said, “Nooooo.  He’s going away tomorrow.”  So, Bob asked, “Where is he going?”  She looked at him, tilted her head, and said, “We are putting him down.”  I couldn’t believe it.  You mean to tell me that the cat pees on her counter and now you feel you have the excuse to put him to sleep?  I just looked at her and said, “Are you serious?”  She said, “Yep.”  I got up, said “THAT makes me mad!”, and walked out of the room.  I didn’t speak to her for the rest of the evening.  Later on, Bob and I were outside watching the rain and he told me that after I walked off, they could tell that we were both ticked off.  That is when the real story emerged.  Zeke is 14 years old and has lost control of his bladder.  OK, I can understand it better now.  Why didn’t she tell us that?  Why did she just blurt this out in the middle of a party?  Why couldn’t she have explained things in a kinder way?  She knows how much we love that cat.  She just did this because she knew it would cause something.  And this is just so typical of her.

As we were leaving, she came up and gave me a hug.  She said, “We aren’t sure what we are going to do yet.  I talked to Bob about it some more.  We just aren’t sure yet.”  Then why did you say anything at all?  I just said, “OK” and got in the car. 

And to make matters worse, she didn’t spend any time at all with Mollianne even before this happened.  She complains all the time about not getting to spend time with Mollianne but when we are around her, she never spends any time with her.  She doesn’t know her granddaughter at all.  At least my FIL spends quality time with Mollianne – playing with her, drawing with her.  But she really doesn’t.  When we are over there or even when she is over here, she spends her time doing Sudoku puzzles or game books.  And the result is that she doesn’t know Mollianne at all and even though Mollianne loves her and I know she loves Mollianne, Mollianne doesn’t really know her grandmother.  But none of this is my fault, despite what my MIL thinks.  If she just wasn’t so damn unpleasant to be around we might spend more time with them. 

OK, I feel better now.  I finished off the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream we had in the freezer and it helped.  Now, I have to go and run 3 miles on the treadmill……

July 2, 2006

Death of a Friendship (Part 2)…….The End.

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Okay girls, here I go again.  You all probably saw my previous post about the problems I have been having with my best friend Kristi.

I appreciate all the comments and support. After I read those and then pondered on the situation I decided to give the phone one more shot before I wrote her a letter. Well, of course she did not return the call. After I became upset because she did not return the last call, without me knowing Paul called her (again) and left a message that we  needed to come over to her house and pick up our things.

She did actually return this call and according to Paul the first of the conversation went fine, she acted as if nothing had happened between all of us. She repeatedly stated she had been busy and that is why she did not call. She never mentioned the previous conversations.  When Paul mentioned us coming over to see her and the girls. That is when things changed!! Her statement to him was “Well, that would be awkward.”  He then told her that we needed to talk and we could either come to the house or meet her somewhere. She then told him that we could meet at Morgan’s gym when she dropped Morgan off the next day.

Well the passed couple of weeks I have gone from being hurt to just plain pissed off!!  I told myself that above all when meeting her I would keep my cool, would not get upset, and wouldn’t let her “see me sweat”.

So here’s what transpired:

She came to our car and said “what’s up?” I then asked her could she tell me what I had said or done to end our friendship after everything we had been through together. She simply stated “I have always tried to include you and Paul in everything the girls do and every since this adoption thing I feel you have left me out”. She then went on to tell me that she felt it was ridiculous that we were preparing the room and buying things when we had at least 6 more months to go before we actually got Avery. I tried to explain to her that buying things and preparing is the only real connection we have to the adoption process right now. Something tangible that we can hold on to. She then told me that I had been self-absorbed with this adoption and she “needed a break”.

Let me tell you, you can call me alot of things (most of which I would probably agree with) but the one thing you cannot call me is SELFISH.  No, she did not say that exact word but everything else she said was pointing in that direction. Paul and I have done soooooo much for her and her girls that I was completely offended by that implication.

The whole thing lasted 10 minutes, tops. Everyone was calm, no voices raised, no arguing.

I know in my last post I stated no flames against her because I would take her back in a minute. Well, things change. Her actions and words (in my opinion) are unforgettable and I will never feel the same about her. I truly feel that she has “tainted” the girls against us. Telling them that we don’t care about them anymore because we will soon have our own daughter, and as much as that pains me there is really nothing I can do about it. I can only hope that as the girls get older they will realize the truth.

So you know what:  I AM DONE!!!!  I have extraordinary family support, wonderful friends, and even great blogger buddies 🙂 I will not surround myself with negativity.

I think you girls hit the nail on the head with your comments and there is only one word that can describe this whole situation JEALOUSY.

So there you go!!!!!

July 1, 2006

Who are we???

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Is there a list for me to know who’s who, I recognize the ladies who lunch bunch…but am not familiar with the other posters.  I like to know who I’m bitchin to.


June 29, 2006


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When I first heard about the Bitch Blog I thought…….Man, what a great idea!  I made the mistake of giving my blog address to Jeff’s brother Ben & his wife.  I was hoping that they might want to donate a quilt square for Ava’s quilt.  This was over two months ago and they have never mentioned seeing the blog……not really surprised.  They actually seemed the most excited (of Jeff’s side of the family) about the adoption.  Because I never know if they will be back on my blog, I can’t talk about this there.  I guess I will start out by giving you a little family history about Ben & Beth. Ben & Beth are the type of people that have to be in the spotlight at all times. An example is when we had just finished moving 2 1/2 hours away from a home we loved, left a secure income to start a new business, didn’t know if we were making the biggest mistakes of our lives & were totally scared to death……..they said, “I’m glad you guys are finally settled because now you can start concentrating on our wedding.”  Huh?  Their wedding was about 6 months away and I’m sorry but we were a little busy.  Jeff was Ben’s best man and Ian was a ring bearer.  Ben & Beth are with out a doubt the biggest snobs (that don’t have two nickels to rub together) on this earth.  They have managed to mooch off family & friends for years!  It was during the planning of the royal wedding that I began to dislike Beth.  At that time they didn’t even own a home & she was looking at wedding dresses that were $5,000.00.  Ben is a very smart guy but is very lazy. He has worked as a plumber for 10 years but never has gotten himself licensed.  Ben’s bachelor party was to be 3 days in Myrtle Beach.  They informed us that it was the responsibility of the best man to make sure that everyone chipped in so Ben would not have to pay for his ticket.  Beth’s party was to be in Chicago.  Jeff explained that it was impossible to take 3 days off of work when he was still building his practice.  They were a bit miffed but Jeff make sure that he gave Ben a 2nd bachelor party in Michigan.  EVERY conversation with Ben & Beth they ask the same questions.  They want to know if Jeff’s practice is still busy (disappointment in their voices when we say, yes),  are we going to do any other additions to the house & do we still own that property up-north (& ask every stinkin’ time), “now where is that again?”  They are also the type of people that want to know what everything costs like our home & of course the adoption.  I told Ben about how much the adoption was and he responded, “Man, that means I could probably get like $30,000 for my chubby, white baby.”  Are your jaws on the floor?  He also has asked me what if she is ugly & how well they screen them for health problems.  Yes, this is Ava’s Uncle Benny.  I’m so proud.  Several months ago (back when I thought we would be traveling in January) he was asking me when we would get Ava.  It was kind of odd that he was asking so many questions and I remember thinking that I bet they were going to have another baby during that time.  They want attention on them 24/7.  The funny (sad) part is that NOBODY in that family really cares if they have another baby OR if we have another baby.  There is no spotlight!  Nobody cares. Yesterday, we received an invitation to their daughter’s first B-day party.  The party is set for THIS Saturday and because of the last minute invite, we are busy.  Jeff called Ben last night to tell him that we would not be able to make it.  Oh, I must tell you that they are charging $10 admission to their daughter’s birthday!  Yes, you read that correctly.  I guess it is going to be held at a park but to my knowledge city parks don’t charge admission.  Please, correct me if I’m wrong.  Ben told Jeff that Beth is expecting a baby in January!  Ben’s next sentence (while laughing) was, “We didn’t mean to steal your thunder but, I guess WE DID!”  Steal our thunder? I don’t think so.  Beth has also been collecting unemployment for a year and that just ran out.  They do not have any health insurance to cover the cost of the baby & Ben is the kind of guy that is usually home everyday by 2:00 after putting in about 4 hours of work each day.  I guess the thought of stealing our thunder (what a joke!) was more important than whether they could afford this baby.  Because, of the current timeframe we probably will not travel to get Ava until May.  They still believe that we are traveling in January.  When Ben says to me that he is sorry for stealing our thunder (and he will) I would like to say this…………..”Oh, no, you aren’t stealing our thunder.  “We won’t be getting Ava until May & your little bambino is going to be like yesterday’s news by May.”  That might be just a little rude, even for me. Lisa

June 28, 2006

Thanks y’all!

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I just wanted to thank everyone for posting their fears and doubts. I know that I am not the only one having these feelings – what a relief. I am feeling better about things. I am sure I will continue to have doubts and question whether we are doing the right thing until the moment I have Ayden in my arms.

Y’all are the best!


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